Golden Ears are skilled enough to discern, measure, analyze, and express the physical qualities of musical sounds accurately. Once you have them, you will be able to listen to recordings with more sensitivity and awareness.

Golden Ears enable us to realize the full potential of our audio systems in the production of recorded music. This audio file set provides a crucial tool for developing those ears quickly and easily. It provides a base of auditory experience and knowledge that is essential for working with modern recorded music. Working through these drills and using them as refreshers from time to time will permit you to gain and maintain the equivalent of five to ten years of critical listening experience in a matter of weeks.

The manual and the audio files are designed to work together. We haven’t wasted valuable recording time with information that could be better presented in the manual. To get started you may download the manual [here].

The audio files which are presented in playlist form as they relate to each topic of the program can be accessed by purchasing a subscription.